May 23, 2017

Episode 8: Growing up, Responsibilities, and WannaCry ransomware


In this episode, we get a little off track in our introductions and go into a rant about speed running video games and music, but we eventually get into talking about our experiences with growing up and balancing work, responsibilities, and fun. Aaron ends the episode with his thoughts on last weeks WannaCry ransomware.

A couple updates on the Wannacry virus.

  • The name of the exploit used is called EternalBlue.
  • It appears around 60% of the computers infected were running Windows 7.
  • The total amount of ransom collected as of today is roughly $110K USD.
  • About 1% of the victims paid the ransom.
  • There was a program released by a researcher that allowed you to decrypt your files, but only if your computer had not been restarted.

    Still a slight echo on Ed's mic, but we are working on it.

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